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Werkgroep Prehistorie, Veenkoloniaal Museum (NL)

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The Workgroup Prehistory of the Veenkoloniaal Museum in Veendam built a Mesolithic campsite for experimentation and habitation projects. The workgroup is also into excavations in the area, which is rich of Stone Age finds.

The hut area is not referring to a single excavation, but gives a general impression how it could have been like. Archaeologists John Smit and Henny Groenendijk coordinated it at first, John Smit unfortunately died in 1997. Experiments involve the construction and destruction of the Mesolithic huts, keeping track of all changes, flint knapping et cetera. Informing the public in a loose way, besides of tough research are the cornerstones of the project.

The website contains stories like: the decomposition of a hut, storing hazelnuts, how did they make birch tar, how cold was such a hut actually and what if you don’t have a fridge?


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