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Vitlycke Museum (SE)

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Near Tanum, a series of Bronze Age rock carvings are situated, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over 3,000 pictures are documented in an area of 50 hectares.

1998, the Vitlycke Museum, dedicated to this art, was inaugurated. As an annex to the museum there is a reconstructed Bronze Age farm showing other aspects of the life back then. There are no rock carvings showing houses but domestic animals are depicted.

At the farm, there are two longhouses, one form the older Bronze Age, one from the Younger Bronze Age. There is also a workshop where in the Summer season demonstrations of crafts are given like for example painting and bronze casting, pottery production and food preparing. The animals roam freely between the houses en behind the farm you’ll find the area with pigs. Fields with Bronze Age crops are around the corner. The Farm is also used with schools. In Summer time, there is an Archaeology School.

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Vitlycke 2
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