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Village de l’an mil de Melrand (FR)

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Once upon a time in the Middle Ages… In Melrand, there is the village of the year 1000 AD. Idea is to convey basic research on rural Central Brittany (Bretagne) like it could have been in the Middle Ages.

The archaeological site of Lann Gouh stood example for the newly built Breton medieval village. The reconstructed site is under archaeological management. There is a small indoors exhibition with medieval finds which one can visit before seeing the outdoor reconstructed buildings and gardens.

Education, research and experiment are all very important. Experiments are done under the eyes of the public. They are often on long term monitoring experiments (ageing of a roof of straw rye), sometimes short term actions (food preservation on the season). Everything that is currently visible is not always spectacular!


9, Rue de la Mairie
56310 Melrand
(33) 2-97395461