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Tryon Palace (US)

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Tryon Palace is a reconstruction of a mansion, originally completed in 1770, for the Royal Governor of the Province of North Carolina. New Bern was the capital of North Carolina before this moved to Raleigh in 1794.

Tryon Palace nowadays also houses the North Carolina History Center, featuring interactive technology and living history programs. The North Carolina History Center offers a good introduction into the reconstructed site with themes like the Civil War or the ship production, which used to be so important to North Carolina.
The reconstruction of the Palace and surroundings depicts the period of British colonial rule with lots of glamour and prosperity, even if the original palace did not stand very long as it burned down in 1798. Building up the new Palace took thirty years including moving 50 or more buildings, rerouting a highway, and building a new bridge over the Trent River.
Sixteen acres of gardens surround the Palace. In the garden, one will find the original stable offices and the reconstructed kitchen office as well as the New Bern Academy, the first school in North Carolina established by legal mandate, now a museum interpreting life in New Bern during the Federal occupation, 1862-1865.
Tryon Palace uses living-history demonstrations daily to tell stories that excite the senses with the sights, smells, and sounds from our nation’s colonial past. There is living history in the Blacksmith Shop and the Kitchen Office. Meet the skilled blacksmiths and watch as they use authentic 18th-century tools like the forge, hammer, and anvil to bend, mold and shape iron into tools used around Tryon Palace and crafts that are sold in the Tryon Palace Museum Store.
While it may appear primitive by today’s standards, the Tryon Palace’s Kitchen Office represents the very latest in “modern” conveniences of 1770. Throughout the Kitchen Office, costumed interpreters demonstrate 18th-century household chores like cooking, washing, and ironing.

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Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens
529 South Front Street
28562 New Bern
United States
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