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Steinzeitdorf Kussow (DE)

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The Stone Age Village at Kussow exists of several huts and houses with excavations of the Neolithic period as source. The idea derived from the nearby presence of megalithic tombs.

When the project started, there was archaeological input, among others by the University of Hamburg. There is an advisory board which couns an archaeologist. The construction of the buildings could only be done through an unemployment programme of Mecklenburg-Pommern; the museum is still dependent on this source of funding – it is being run by an association to counter unemployment in the region. There is no research or experimental activity. Goal is to show a vivid image of the Neolithic and explain this to the public. Another goal is to help people to employment and therefore help the regional development. There are school programmes available when, after seeing a video and getting a tour through the Stone Age village, children can participate in weaving, pottery and shooting bow and arrow, followed by grilling sausages.

Picture by Thomas Ritter


Kussower Weg 9
23948 Moor-Rolofshagen
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