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Salzwelten Hallein bei Salzburg - Keltendorf (AT)

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Near Salzburg (what’s in a name), you will find the world’s first known salt mine. This is one out of three tourist sites going under a common name “Salzwelten”, which partly are in operation as early as 1450.
A Celtic village was created 1990 at Salzwelten Hallein near Salzburg to inform visitors about the long tradition, the history and the many facilities of salt and salt mining. Both the local mine and the Celtic Village are well visited. The preservation circumstances for archaeology in this area are perfect. At Bad Dürnberg, very detailed information has been extracted about for example wooden finds which enabled the construction of the Celtic Village. Salzwelten employed archaeologists to prepare the Celtic Village and still fund relevant archaeological research projects. With original finds from the excavations on the Dürrnberg, a visit to the burial chamber of a real Celtic lord on his chariot – and the fascinating experience of ghostly voices from times long past to be heard in the meeting house.


Salzwelten Hallein bei Salzburg Ramsaustraße 3
5422 Bad Dürrnberg
(43) 6132-2002400