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Römerpark Aliso (DE)

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Few meters away from the fiber-optic Roman museum in Haltern am See, the (re)construction in situ of part of a roman fort is planned.

What the archaeologists are currently digging in the original site of the roman fort of Aliso, which dates to 16 AD, will be re-built on site. Visitors are invited to join the archaeologists and actively participate in the archaeological work, getting the knowledge of the expertise of fielwork. This project is the second stage of a wider programme which saw the building of the roman fiber-optic museum of Haltern am See, a modern building that gives the visitors numerous activities to implement the permanent archaeological exhibition that displays the military life of roman soldiers in the first century AD. Along with daily activities, special events with living history groups are held in the museum grounds.



Römerpark Aliso
Weseler Straße 100
45721 Haltern am See
(49) 02364 9376-0