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Randa Ardesca (FR)

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Randa Ardesca, Archeosite Ardèche is an associative and collective project managed by the Helviorum association. Helviorum association, site manager: the Helviorum association which bears the project is directed by a collegial group: a board of directors consisting of co-chairmen (see composition in 2015 at the end of the article). It consists currently of thirty volunteer members invested in the management and construction of the site.

SCI "Archeosite Ardèche" brings together associations and individuals interested in supporting the project. SCI bought the land to make it available to the association. This kind of solidarity savings allowed the property's control and guarantees sustainability of the project.

To start, the project revolves around the construction of a fortified gallic village of fifth century BC. and crafts workshops from the gallo-roman period. These workshops are presented according to the principles of living history by organizers and craftsmen in historical costume.

Our project is to show to the public differents periods since Neolithic period until the tenth century AD of Ardèche in an educational and funny way. It is also to create a place to meet local volunteers, national and international volunteers, researchers/archaeologists and craftsmen to build together and experiment around the archeology of Ardèche.

Create exchanges around archeology Ardèche in welcoming volunteers, students and volunteers :

  1. A project to create links between the public and researchers thanks to a popularization approach.
  2. To build links with various actors of the territory: museums, interpretives centers, locals communities.
  3. To create commons projects on a partnership and not in competition with others surrounding museums organization.
  4. The choice to host volunteers, students, researchers, craftsmen to share knowledge and technicals skills in order to co-construct the project: buildings, experimentation projects ... with adult education principles.
  5. To create link in a rural area.
  6. To propose to craftsmen and local producers a place for distribution of their products.
4500 BC - 1000 AD


Randa Ardesca - Association Helviorum
1800 route de Chandolas
07120 Saint Alban Auriolles
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