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Poblado Cantabro (ES)

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From 1995 onward, the association Cantabria Ancestral worked with enthusiasm and many friends to create a site themed with the Iberian Iron Age at the Iberian peninsula. The original site was excavated by the Italian archaeologist Vitrubio.

The reconstructed site, Poblado Cantabro, offers many activities. For groups, programs also include visits to the surrounding Cantabrian Mountains, focussing on archaeology, nature or the snow. The silence of the landscape makes one sensitive for the past and the traditions still alive in this area. On visiting the village, the construction of the houses is explained the use of the pottery and more details about the excavations. A guided visit can take a small hour and added to this groups can order a didactic program. These programs can include food and drink making, looking at plants and animals, different types of experimentation and much more, each of which can take again a small hour.

The idea is to spread the lifestyle, custom, practices and way of life of the Iron Age Cantabrians. Activities also include a travelling museum exhibition, interactive workshops and traditional storytelling. What better way to learn than playing, experimenting and watching live how they worked these irreducible Cantabrians .... There i s also a video available: the, Cantabrian Village at Argüeso "the Live Museum of the Iron Age". Workshops are about textiles, pottery but also about using silver, making basketry, woodworking and making furnaces or archaeological excavation or more environmental workshops like “the world of the bees”. One can also book a workshop on your own site, where in one day you will construct a cabin of 1.5 metres in height. At several moments in construction, work will be paused to explain what and why and how. Different aspects aspects of the construction techniques used and documented in the archaeological record are shared.
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