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Parc Archéologique des Courtinals (FR)

Open from: 
1989 to 2013
Member of EXARC: 
Member of ICOM: 

In a landscape of dolomite rocks not far from Montpellier, you could find an archaeological open-air museum. The area has been inhabited from the Mind-Neolithic up to the Iron Age. The "Cirque de Mouzère" landscape is breathtaking.

Around the medieval village Mourèze, there is a route leading to botanic, geological and archaeological sites. The Parc Archéologique introduces a human element into the 160 million years old landscape. Following the trail, you could find several (re)constructed Iron Age dwellings (450 BC) in the rocks as well as a bridge at 28 metres above surface. The observation tower at 252 meters above sea level, overlooking the Cirque Mouzère offers a unique perspective.
The goal of this private enterprise by Dr. Gérard Turbanisch was to make archaeology more popular.


Route de Clermont
34800 Mourèze
(33) 4-67960842