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Keltský Skanzen Isarno (CZ)

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The Celtic settlement ISARNO is located in Letovicích in a former quarry. The name is derived from an old Celtic name for iron. The association behind it wanted to create a realistic presentation of a Celtic village, including buildings, crafts, and even the lives of two thousand years ago.

The village is fortified and counts as well roundhouses. There is much living history here, and many events take place, sometimes with modern folk music. To make the village more lively, there are sheep, goats and pigs. For those visiting, there are several kinds of refreshments. One can watch horse riding, sword fighting et cetera and on occasion take part in activities. There are full day programmes offered for school groups and the site is open to birthday parties or receptions.


Ceská ulice
679 61 Letovice
Czech Republic
(420) 602 340 991