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Keltský Archeopark Nasavrky (CZ)

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Planned to be opened in 2015, in Nasavrky, south east of Prague, an AOAM with more than 30 buildings will show the celtic life of 1 cent. a.D Bohemia.

Conveniently located within a heritage well equipped area, with the celtic trail in the natural landscape and the permanent exhibition in the village, the museum was planned through the aid of the Pardubice Region putting together the expertise of archaeologists and quality designers and within the frame of an EU project.
Every building was planned on archaeological sources and is constructed with ancient technology. In the project, activities of research and tourism are planned. The museum will also have educational programs for students of all ages aimed to acquire knowledge on the past as well as deal with environmental themes and manual activities. The grounds will also be available to private companies for special events and teambuilding activities.
Along with this project, the site is famous for its Celtic festival of grain and harvest, held at the end of july, in which many celtic re-enactment groups from all over Europe gather to celebrate.



Keltský Archeopark Nasavrky
Zámek č. p. 1
538 25 Nasavrky
Czech Republic
(42)0 736 653 936