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IJzertijdboerderij Dongen (NL)

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The small village Dongen is the proud location of an Iron Age Farm. What makes this archaeological open-air museum very special is that only volunteers work on the project, supported by the local authority and local companies. Already a long while, there is a local active association for the study of local cultural heritage (Heemkundekring “De Heerlyckheit Dongen”).

The latter lent a hand in the building work and took part in preparing activities for the public. At the centre of the farm there is a large Iron Age dwelling reconstructed on the basis of archaeological finds unearthed in the Netherlands and surrounded by fields and gardens. There are also smaller buildings used as outhouses or stables and some graves.

The group maintaining the yard takes care of the interior design, the planting, construction and maintenance as well as making tools and for example furniture. The dynamic part of the Iron Age Farm is the presentation and demonstration of the “daily life”: preparing food, making household tools, pottery, clothes, experimenting with old techniques, dwelling on forms of religion and society, contact with others in the Iron Age region (helping each other, justice, war) et cetera.


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