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Grottbyn (SE)

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At the Skånes Djurpark (a big animal park with domestic animals) researchers at Lund University started in 1982 with a Stone Age Village (Stenåldersbyn). People involved were Göran Burenhult, Lars Larsson and Sven Rosborn. They erected under the theme “Forntid i Nutid”) Mesolithic Summer huts from the early Stone Age built on the archaeological finds from Ageröd and Skateholm in Skåne.

They also erected a longhouse from the late Stone Age (farming period) from the archaeological findings from Fosie outside Malmö, Skåne. They also built a long dolmen from an archaeological example from Fosie nearby Malmö. Finally, they built an ethnographically inspired "skull house" and an activity area for school children.

By 1988, the Zoo decided not to run the project independently anymore but to have it run by an external party. At present, the Stenåldersbyn is rented out by the Skanes Djurpark to the neighbouring company Grottbyn AB, a small family owned company. Grottbyn arranges camps for schoolchildren in order to teach them about our history in a nice and entertaining way. Grottbyn also comprises of a camping site and a youth hostel.

One can take a guided tour of one hour when the guide explains about the daily life in the differet stages of the Stone Age: how did one live, what was the food like, what did people wear, what tools did one use et cetera. With 4-5 hours time, one can live a Stone Age life as hunter or farmer. One makes flint tools, work with a flint knife, hurl bands, grind flour, bake bread on hot stones, shoot bow and boil soup or tea. In between there will be visiting hunters / farmers, helping with the fire and looking for nettles or other edible things in nature. The day ends with a single "meal" on the self-baked bread and soup or tea. The next stage is to spend one night in the camp. This program is a continuation of the day's visit, added to which is cooking meat or fish wrapped in birch bark and cooked in a pit in the ground by means of hot stones. If one has two nights time, one can do various other activities. One day is devoted to the Earlier Stone Age and the second day the Neolithic. One of the days, you will cooking in a pit but activities also include working with leather and clay (ceramics).


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