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Freilichtmuseum Sachsenhof Greven (DE)

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The workgroup for archaeology of the “Heimatverein” association in Greven initiated the plan for the start of a museum. The municipality paid for the land and the construction of the museum buildings, the local archaeology department provided the archaeological backgrounds and the “Heimatverein” runs the museum with volunteers only, the work group “Sachsenhof”. The longhouse is built after archaeological finds at Münster Gitrup.

The Freilichtmuseum Sachsenhof Greven is strong in education and experiment. School groups visit the yard in the mornings; subjects like ceramics, nourishment and textiles are being treated as far as this concerns the period 600 – 800 AD of the Saxons. In experiments, attention goes for example to growing culture plants and cereals, dying of linen and wool with natural colours, iron smelting, bronze casting, copper smelting, making and using tar, firing ceramics in open fires or in reconstructions of pottery kilns. All these projects run for several years and are scientifically monitored. Early medieval life gets a bit more familiar to the visitors with a visit to the Sachsenhof Greven.


Pentruper Mersch
48268 Greven-Pentrup
(49) 2571-54275