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Eiríksstaðir (IS)

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Haukadalur is an area in the Northwest of the country. This was the home of the famous Erik the Red, around the year 1000 AD. He first became famous after he was sent into exile due to several murders committed. He was forced to leave the island and sailed west and hit on Greenland.

The stories about this reached Iceland and soon after, Erik’s son, Leif Eriksson “the Lucky” also sailed west, but further than Greenland and reached North America.

In the 1950s, first excavations took place but it was not until the end of the 1990s that more comprising excavations were executed, revealing a 10th century longhouse – fitting well with the Sagas.

The original archaeological remains are kept visible – there are also signs with explanation. A reconstructed longhouse is situated right next to them. Celebrating one millennium after Leif Eriksson arriving in the New World, the longhouse was opened to the public. In the Summer season, staff in Viking costume give tours and do demonstrations.


Búðardalur 371
Eiriksstadir, Haukadalur
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