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Bork Vikingehavn (DK)

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In the wild west of Denmark, in a little town called Bork, you will find "Bork Viking Harbour". Here you can experience how the Vikings lived 1000 years ago. Walking through the thatched Viking houses you will meet the housewife and her servants baking flatbread and see a Viking warrior practice his skills as you smell the smoke from the fireplaces. Here you not only see, you also taste, smell and feel the history. Welcome to Bork Viking Harbour!

The Vikings are mythical to the Danish people and they are a part of the Danish history that the Danes still are a little bit proud of – even 1000 years later. Proud that people from this small country were once feared warriors, and that the country was more than just a spot on the world map. Therefore Bork Viking Harbour is an important department for the Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum who manage it.

Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum is a cultural-history museum built up as an Ecomuseum with 14 departments divided around Ringkøbing Fjord. Bork Viking Harbour is constructed with archaeologists’ involvement and with specific excavations in mind – for e.g. the excavation in 1995 of a Viking house in the small town Tarm. Today an accurate copy of that house stands as the chief’s longhouse at Bork Viking Harbour.

When you visit Bork Viking Harbour you can practice your own warrior skills with wooden swords, shoot with the Viking’s Longbow, make your own pewter jewellery or a leather wallet, talk to the merchants that sell goods from their expeditions, watch how the Vikings repair their houses and visit the Goddess figurines at the place of sacrifice.



Bork Vikingehavn
Vikingevej 7, Sdr. Bork
6893 Hemmet
(45) 75280597