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Archéosite et Musee d'Aubechies - Beloeil (BE)

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The area of Blicquy-Aubechies is near the source of the River Dender in Hainaut. This has been a pleasant region to settle for centuries. Excavations have produced a clear image of what happened here since about 5000 BC.

The Archeosite has reconstructed houses of several eras: 2 Neolithic farms, 1 from the Bronze Age and 1 from the iron Age and then ... a large Gallo Roman area with a villa, a temple and a necropolis. There are also reconstructed vessels in the nearby lake.

Experimental archaeologists are present in the weekends, and there are events several times a year, notably around Midsummer and in September, the weekend of experimental archaeology. Nearby, in the Domus Romana, there is an indoor museum.


1y, rue de l´Abbaye
7972 Aubechies-Beloeil
(32) 69-671116