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Archéosite de Montans (FR)

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Montans was an important centre for pottery production in the Iron Age. In 1993 the government decided to make a public site to showcase the finds and the history. The construction of the museum is paid with public funding, the collection is in hands of the government, but an association is running the museum.

Both professional and semi professional archaeologists were involved in the start of the centre and today still are involved. The purpose of the establishment is to have a simple explanation about scientific subjects for a large public. Besides an exhibition of pottery and a stage for temporary exhibitions, a little street with pottery workshop is reconstructed. Here, demonstrations and numerous experiments are carried out on the potter’s work at Montans and on Gallo-Roman ceramics in general (in French: cuisson expérimentale, fabrication antique). The museum also organises workshops about cooking, using glass and for example mosaics.


Avenue Elie Rossignol
81600 Montans
(33) 5-63575916