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Alamannen-Museum Vörstetten (DE)

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Between 1991 – 2007 archaeological excavations at Vörstetten opened a time window into the transition period between the Late Antique Era and the Early Middle Ages (4th, 5th century AD).

Looking at the material which came to light, the idea came up to start a museum with an open air area using living history for demonstration and experience. Now, the museum is reality, showing the Alamannic Period in the area Breisgau by means of a showcase exhibition as well as an Alamannic Farm consisting of a house with stable, a storage house, a smithy, a workshop for pottery, baking ovens for bread and a Roman corner, cult place as well as an area with cultivated plants and an area for shooting bow and arrow.

The museum is in hands of the Museums- und Geschichtsverein Vörstetten (Museum and History Association Vörstetten) with a goal in museum education focussing on pupils, teachers, parents and adults interested in the subject.

The project has been completely financed from private sources. The exhibition was designed by the archaeologist who previously had led the excavations. Archaeologists keep being involved in running the museum. Ideas are to start an experimental series with smelting iron. With the concept of a museum to experience, different crafts can be explained and tried out by the visitors themselves.


Museums- und Geschichtsverein Vörstetten e.V.
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