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flint knapping

Blades experiments

PELEGRIN, J., "Blades experiments", Lejre research Reports, Lejre, Historical-Archaeological Experimental Centre Lejre, pp. 26, 1990.

Experimental biface manufacture using non-flint materials

MOLONEY, N., "Experimental biface manufacture using non-flint materials", Non-flint stone tools and the palaeolithic occupation of Britain, vol. Britisch Archaeological Reports (BAR), no. 189, pp. 49-65, 1988.

Vuursteen onder handbereik!

ROSMALEN, B van., "Vuursteen onder handbereik!", Bulletin voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie, vol. 20, issue 1, Leiden, VAEE, pp. 17, 12/2015.

Are Tsirk, Flintknapper, Scholar, and friend

ADAMS, S., "Are Tsirk, Flintknapper, Scholar, and friend", Bulletin of Primitive Technology, vol. 49, Utah, Society of Primitive Technology, pp. 8-9, Spring 2015.


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