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EXARC Members Image Galleries

In these galleries you will find images by and about EXARC Members. If you like to use any of these, please contact the respective member. You will find these images together with more information about each member at their own member pages.

  • Abernodwydd Farmhouse
  • A school class
  • The National Museum of Wales, inside
  • St Fagans Castle
  • Site view
  • Roman Garden at sun set
  • Saxon house
  • Fig 1. Neolithic Hut
  • Fig 2. Internal view of the Neolithic Hut
  • Fig 3. Experimentation of early-middle...
  • Fig 4. Experimentation of early-middle...
  • Fig 5. Architectural Decorative Plate from...
  • Members of the Board of the Förderverein...
  • Flintbek-Haus Zustand Juli 2010
  • Kulthaus Tustrup 2011
  • Rastorf-Haus Bau Juni 2011
  • The smith explains at AFM Oerlinghausen (DE)
  • Girl with harp at the AFM Oerlinghausen (DE)
  • The Bronze Age house at the AFM...
  • Medieval hall house with visitors at the AFM...
  • The medieval Hall house in Winter at the AFM...
  • Mesolithic campsite on waterside at Archeon
  • Roman Bathhouse at Archeon
  • Roman herbal garden at Archeon
  • Roman Gladiators in action at Archeon
  • View of the Medieval street at Gravendam,...
  • Copyright archeoParc Val Senales, Grüner
  • Copyright archeoParc Val Senales, Grüner
  • Copyright archeoParc Val Senales, Tappeiner