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Delphi House of Questions was an EU Culture 2000 project by three EXARC members. Under this umbrella, other EXARC members as well collected and answered the most frequently asked questions by visitors to archaeological open-air museums. The largest part of this collection of questions you can find here – as many of them still carry importance. In most cases we offer the questions both in the original language and in English.

What kind of weapons did people use in the Middle Ages (NL)?

Weapons were both used when hunting, in a fight and at war. Many items can be used as weapon, in an impulse, but I think you refer to tools specifically made to hunt with, to hurt or to kill, to threat with or to use in fight sports or tournaments...

Did people know they were people or did they still think they were monkeys (NL)?

Many peoples modestly called and still call themselves ‘people’, like the Ainu in Japan or the Inuit of the Polar Circle as do many others. Prehistoric groups of people like the Neanderthal may have had the same habit...