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Delphi House of Questions was an EU Culture 2000 project by three EXARC members. Under this umbrella, other EXARC members as well collected and answered the most frequently asked questions by visitors to archaeological open-air museums. The largest part of this collection of questions you can find here – as many of them still carry importance. In most cases we offer the questions both in the original language and in English.

How did Biskupin settlement seize to exist (PL)?

Because of the rising water table of Lake Biskupin the inhabitants abandoned the settlement.

Why are there so many archaeological monuments preserved in the area in Northwest Schleswig (DE)?

In this region, there is a long history – since the 16th century - of protected forests. Wood was very important because of the vicinity to the open sea and the „woodless“ marshlands. This had the consequence that there was no agricultural use in younger times in this region!

Why do we find more stone artifacts than wood artifacts (CH)?

Wood is a material, which conserves poorly in the soil as it decays. Only in water the conservation is better, as the wood is sealed off from the air...

Why are the “Terramare” called that way (IT)?

The term Terramare means prehistoric settlements in the eastern Po plain, above all in the Emilia and the Veneto, which originated here during the Middle and the Late Bronze Age (1600-1250 BC)...

What musical instruments did people use in the Middle Ages (NL)?

In those days, people knew stringed instruments like the harp, lyre, lute and the hardy-gurdy. The blown instruments they knew were horn, trumpet, bagpipes and flute. And then the percussion instruments: drums, timpani, rattle, clatter, bells, cymbals and tambourines.

Where do modern musicians get medieval music from (NL)?

In different monasteries and libraries, sheet music dating back to the Middle Ages is kept.

Stress probably didn't exist in the Iron Age? They had plenty of time (NL)?

The uttermost importance in those days was that the small groups could hardly rely upon others in bad times: a failed harvest for example was a huge disaster...

Did people already drink tea in the Middle Ages or Iron Age (NL)?

Drinking tea, why did people do that is the first question. Tea can be used as a medicine or as an intoxicating means. Besides that it serves as a ceremony. "Herbal tea" actually does not exist...

Where did the first corn come from (CH)?

The first kinds of corn cultivated in Switzerland in the Young Stone Age (about 7,500 years ago) were wheat and barley. These kinds of corn were not indigenous in Europe before they were first grown here, meaning they...