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Fornföreningen Fibula r.f. (AX)

The purpose of the association is to increase the knowledge about the Åland Island prehistoric epochs, primary the Viking time. Our goal is to emphasize the Iron Age...

Sippe Ulfson (IT)

The Official Goal of our Institute is to showcase the Celtic tribe of Volcae Tectosages from the III centuries

Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Truso - Truso Association (PL)

The archaeological research which has been carried out for about 30 years now in Truso - Scandinavian trading and craft emporium, discovered in today's Poland - has yielded an enormous number of heritage items...

Living Culture Foundation Namibia (LCFN) (NA)

The philosophy and principles of the Living Culture Foundation Namibia are often different to the understanding of development cooperation of other development organizations in Namibia...

Archeopark Prášily (CZ)

The Keltoi association is a civil society aiming at developing social activities and education for children and youngsters. For this purpose, they have constructed a Celtic settlement (5th – 1st century BC) near Prášily (Šumava) where they organise short and long stays and focus partly on the technique of the Iron Age...

Strode College (EN)

Our college's specialty is lifelong learning. An Experimental Archaeology / Ethnoarchaeology module (level 5) is offered as a part of our Foundation degree in History, Heritage and Archaeology (Plymouth University)...

Cohors I Germanorum (DE)

It is hard to describe the strengths of Cohors I. Germanorum (pronounced Cohors Prima Germanorum) without lapsing into phrases. Of course we also want to:"Bring history to life", "Get artefacts out of the cabinet and bring them to life", "Bring Living history into the present". But that is what all other groups of performers want!

ARES - Archeologia, Reenacment e Storia (IT)

ARES (Archaeology, History and Re-enactment) is a cultural non-profit organization, which raises the aim of highlighting the history of our country. We believe that to achieve this goal it is essential to involve the public, transmitting knowledge through direct contact as possible with the past. To this end, ARES uses different types of languages, some known, and others less common in Italy...

Legio IIII Scythica (BG)

We are a Roman group on the territory of the Scythia Minor (modern Dobruja in Bulgaria) presenting the life of the 1st century AD. We were founded in 2010 in Dobrich (Bulgaria) as a Roman historical re-enactment association.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Lorsch Abbey (DE)

The Lauresham Open-Air Laboratory is an essential part of the future presentation of the World Heritage Site Lorsch Abbey. It is not open yet. The conception in its entirety is including the World Heritage Site itself (with its historical remains)...


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