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Archéologie expérimentale et goût du vin romain

TCHERNIA, A., "Archéologie expérimentale et goût du vin romain", El vin en l’antiguitat: economia, producció i comerç al Mediterrani occidental: II Colloque International d’Arqueologia Romana (Barcelona 6-9 de maig de 1998), Barcelona, pp. 121-129, 06/05/1998, 1999.

Making wine like Iberians: a learning experience with the international workcamp at La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell

M. Gómez,
J. Pou and
O. Saura (CAT)
OpenArch Dialogue with Skills Issue
***The Youth Department of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia organises international summer workcamps in the region. In the framework of the 2014 workcamp, our proposal was to focus work on one of the aspects of the Iberian culture that has been more investigated lately: the production of wine...

Did people already have wine bottles in the Celtic area in Austria (AT)?

No, the wine was served in large bronze buckets (Situlae). The Celts did however use bottle shaped vessels from clay, the so called lentil bottles.

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