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Did knights in the Middle Ages really need to be hoisted onto their horses (NL)?

At the beginning, a suit of armour was meant for battle and a knight who fell off his horse should be able to continue fighting. In the 14th and 15th century, one could move around in a suit of armour pretty well...

Which weapons did one all use in the Middle Ages (NL)?

Weapons were used in hunting, in fights and at war. Many items can be used as a weapon in an impulse but I think you mean tools, specifically made to go hunt, hurt or kill or to threaten with in fighting sports or tournaments...

Iron in the Iron Age, did that exist (NL)?

It is not for nothing called "Iron Age". The art of making iron originates - like many developments - from the Near East. In the Southern Netherlands, for tools and weapons, often wood and stone were used, occasionally bronze...

Where did bronze come from in prehistory (NL)?

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Both metals do not originate in the Netherlands or its surroundings. natural sources of copper can be found in Austria, Spain, Southern France, Northern Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Bulgaria...

You are cheating – they didn’t have iron axes in prehistory, did they (DK)?

No, not in the Stone Age. But here we are in the Iron Age. Do you remember the names of the periods: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age? You do not need to be embarrassed, but the names tell us when the different materials were introduced...

Was there a division of roles in the early Middle Ages (NL)?

There was a traditional division of roles. Women in general took care of the children. They herded and milked the cattle and sheep and fed the chickens. Shaving sheep, plucking wool,...

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Toggling head harpoons

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