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Dynamics of spear throwing

BAUGH, D., "Dynamics of spear throwing", American Journal of Physics, vol. 71, issue 4, pp. 345-350, 2003.

Experimental combat: technical, anthropological and educational contributions

LUGINBÜHL, T., "Experimental combat: technical, anthropological and educational contributions", Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa Bilanz 2013, vol. 12, Bad Langensalza, Europäische Vereinigung zur Förderung der Experimentellen Archäologie e.V., pp. 79-91, 2013.

Stone Moulds from Terramare (Northern Italy): Analytical Approach and Experimental Reproduction

M. Barbieri,
C. Cavazzuti (IT)
7th UK EA Conference Cardiff 2013
***A large number of stone moulds, dating to Middle and Late Bronze Age (approximately 1650-1150 BC) has been found in Terramare sites since the 19th century. They were made to produce a wide range of bronze objects, such as ornaments, weapons and tools. Empirical observations of casting experiments revealed that...


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