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Interview: The Association of Historical Studies Koryvantes

Márta Pócza (HU)
“The Koryvantes Association was founded in 2009 by people with a background in the study of ancient Greek warfare who were not satisfied by the level of reconstructions undertaken so far in Greece and internationally and who wished to ultimately adopt a framework based on experimental archaeological methodology...

Book Review: Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armour by Gregory S Aldrete, Scott Bartell and Alicia Aldrete

Steve Wilson (UK)

Everyone knows that the Ancient Greeks wore bronze armour. Examples have been excavated, mentioned in the literature and depicted on vases, statues et cetera. But there is also mention of something they called 'linothorax': literally, 'linen chest', meaning linen armour for the chest...

Was the castle meant as well for defending (NL)?

A medieval castle - like the one from Eindhoven - often was the house in which the Lordship lived. Often it was the only stone building in the area he owned...

Were Trébuchets common in Denmark (DK)?

As far as we know, they were relatively common. None have survived till modern times, but they are mentioned regularly in written sources...


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