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Book Review: Experimental Archaeology – Between Enlightenment and Experience by Petersson and Narmo

Jodi Reeves Flores (UK)
This book developed from the project Experimental Archaeology – Between Enlightenment and Experience, which was composed of a series of regional meetings held in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This hardbound publication contains quality illustrations and colour photographs; and the language revision has been done to a solid quality...

Conference: Reconstruction “in situ”, International Archaeological Meeting of Calafell, 2011

Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

March 2011, EXARC convened for the 17th time, this time in Calafell, Catalonia, Spain. We could go along with the 6th international archaeology meeting of Calafell, a biannual conference. Three days long, from 9:30h in the morning until 19:30h in the evening, we listened to about...

Quo Vadis Experimentelle Archäologie?

WELLER, U., "Quo Vadis Experimentelle Archäologie?", Experimentelle Archäologie in Europa, Bilanz 2010, vol. Heft 9, Oldenburg, Europäische Vereinigung zur Förderung der Experimentellen Archäologie e.V., pp. 9-14, 2010.

I musei archeologici all'aperto in Europa e in Italia

COMIS, L., "I musei archeologici all'aperto in Europa e in Italia", Museografia per L'Archeologia, Progetto per il sito di Domagnano, vol. 36, Bologna, Università di Bologna, pp. 16-21, 2009.


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