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Review of the 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Cardiff 2013

Heather Hopkins (UK)

The 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference was held on 12-13th January 2013. This annual event, first held in 2006. This year it was hosted jointly by the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University and St Fagan’s Open-Air Museum. Seventy-five delegates originally booked to attend, but one hundred actually attended each day...

Gene Fornby - The Ancient Village of Gene

Carl L. Thunberg (SE)
The open-air museum Gene Fornby (The Ancient Village of Gene - author’s translation) is an archaeological reconstruction completed in 1991 that is based on the excavation of a nearby ancient settlement dated mainly to the Roman Iron Age and the Migration Period. For many years now, the politicians of the City Council of Örnsköldsvik have been debating on the ‘use’ of Gene Fornby...

Tècniques de treball dels metalls a l’Esquerda

AMBLÀS i NOVELLAS, O., "Tècniques de treball dels metalls a l’Esquerda", Desperta Ferro! Vida quotidiana, treball, comerç i guerra a l’Esquerda, vol. 1, no. Berikars, Publicacions del Museu Arqueològic de l’Esquerda, Roda de Ter, Museu Arqueològic de l’Esquerda de Roda de Ter, pp. 33-50, 2006.

Ancient Technology Centre (ATC) (EN)

The Goal of the Ancient Technology Centre is to engage people of all ages in the daily life of our ancestors and to increase their understanding of the skills, resources and strategies available to them...

"But if you don't get any IRON..." Towards an effective method for small iron smelting furnaces

Darrell Markewitz (CA)

Few ancient processes are as mysterious as smelting ore into metallic iron. Just how, exactly, is this done? The exact processes used by the ancients are unknown, but modern experiments can suggest some possibilities...


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