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How did the interior of the dwellings in the lake fortress look like (LV)?

There were sleeping places and benches along the walls. Sometimes, in one corner of the room, the in- built structure from horizontal logs was made, where house hold items of bigger size and tools were stored...

How and why is a reconstruction of Āraiši lake fortress being built (LV)?

Āraiši lake fortress was attacked and destroyed in the late 10th century, and was never rebuilt. When the foundations settled and the water level in the lake rose, the building remains and artefacts ended up underwater, and in these anaerobic conditions they were preserved up to the present day...

How did they put the wooden piles into the loch (UK)?

They sharpened the bottom end of the pile to a point using axes. They tied a cross piece of timber and attached it near the top. A person on either side of this cross piece could then twist back and forth to drive the pile into the bed of the loch.

What was the occupation of the people living in the lake fortress (LV)?

They were mainly engaged in agriculture, stock-keeping, forest bee keeping, crafts and trade. Also important was the utilisation of wild resources: fishing and hunting, especially the...

What did people eat and drink in the early Middle Ages (NL)?

The main foodstuff for the early medieval person was grain. It was cooked as a whole grain or ground down and used for porridge or bread. Meat, fish, vegetables, peas, beans and lentils were used in stews and soups which were seasoned with salt and herbs...


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