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Die frühmittelalterlichen Siedlungen und Hofgrablegen der Münchner Schotterebene

HUBER-EULE, M., "Die frühmittelalterlichen Siedlungen und Hofgrablegen der Münchner Schotterebene", Bajuwarenhof Kirchheim – Projekt für lebendige Archäologie des frühen Mittelalters, vol. Jahresschrift 2012, München, Verlag und Druckerei Hintermaier, pp. 13-32, 2012.

Gene Fornby - The Ancient Village of Gene

Carl L. Thunberg (SE)
The open-air museum Gene Fornby (The Ancient Village of Gene - author’s translation) is an archaeological reconstruction completed in 1991 that is based on the excavation of a nearby ancient settlement dated mainly to the Roman Iron Age and the Migration Period. For many years now, the politicians of the City Council of Örnsköldsvik have been debating on the ‘use’ of Gene Fornby...

What did Romans use for toilet paper (NL)?

Papyrus was probably the only type of paper the Romans used, but for cleaning their behinds the Romans had a softer option. A sponge on a stick was the easy solution to this pressing problem...

Did children have to work as well (CH)?

People in prehistory did not get very old, meaning one had to grow up much earlier. There was less time to remain a child than nowadays. Besides this, life was very hard...

Did a Dutch 14th century city stink (NL)?

That is difficult to answer because: what is stinking actually? It smelled different in a medieval town than nowadays. Almost all houses had a fire place where wood was burnt. Poor people would burn turf (smells more)...


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