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Томская писаница - Tomskaya Pisanitsa (RUS)

In Kemerovskaya Oblast, near the village Pisanaya you will find the Historical, Cultural and Natural Museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Its main attraction are petroglyphs and cave paintings. The exhibition “Ancient Dwellings” illustrates the housing traditions and architecture of peoples of the Central Siberia in the ancient time...

Planina Nazca bez záhad

SONNEK, J., "Planina Nazca bez záhad", Živá Archeologie, (Re)konstrukce a experiment v archeologii, vol. 13/2011, Hradec Králové, FHS Univerzity Hradec Králové, pp. 63-67, 2011.

Conference: Symposium 25: Reconstructing ideas and actions

Mariana Sacchi (AR)

For many years, actualistic studies have been used largely as a bridging link between archaeological data describing how people use objects with the human behaviours or natural processes associated with this use...

The Angeles National Forest Mystery Rock

NYERGES, C., "The Angeles National Forest Mystery Rock", Bulletin of Primitive Technology, vol. 35, Utah, Society of Primitive Technology, pp. 86-90, 2008.

Subjectivity and the recording of palaeolithic cave art

UCKO, P. J., "Subjectivity and the recording of palaeolithic cave art", The Limitations of Archaeological Knowledge, Liège, Etudes et Recherches Archéologiques de l'Université de Liege, pp. 141-165, 1992.
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