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Hunting with Cane: Traditional Cherokee Blowguns and Darts

Doug Meyer (US)
One of the most misrepresented hunting tools of the Southeastern United States is the blowgun. Most people do not realize that virtually every tribe in the Southeast used the blowgun for hunting small game. No on really knows the origin of the blowgun in the Southeast...

I Know What you Did Last Summer

Bill Schindler (US)
It was during a field trip to the National Archives with a group of college students that I first became aware of the problem. We had traveled to Washington D.C. to view the exhibit titled, What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam? The Government’s Effect on the American Diet. It was on our way home when I posed this simple question to the students, “What are your reactions to the exhibit?”...

Conference: 2012 Re-Arc

Darrell Markewitz (CA)
The third annual Reconstructive & Experimental Archaeology (Re-Arc) Conference was hosted by the Schiele Museum of Natural History at Gastonia North Carolina, USA, 19-21 October 2012. Although the cost of the conference itself was minimal ($35 pre-registered, $20 for students) the large travel distances within North America always...

Interview with Dr Callahan

Bill Schindler (USA)
This interview with Dr. Errett Callahan began in the fall of 2010 during an 8-hour car ride from his home, Cliffside, in Lynchburg, Virginia to Gastonia, North Carolina where we both attended the first annual Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference (REARC)...

The Stone Age in a Space Cruiser

Wulf Hein (DE)
The Jeongok Prehistory Museum in South Korea. Like a stranded UFO the building is settled between the hills at a river, the sun reflects off the metal outer skin. Standing in the entrance area, you feel as though you are in a film by Stanley Kubrick, but as you pass through into the structure it is a surprise to find yourself outside in the middle of the African savannah...

A simple plaited basket

ADAMS, E., "A simple plaited basket", Bulletin of Primitive Technology, vol. 43, Utah, Society of Primitive Technology, pp. 83-91, 05/2012.

Surviving: skills or heart?

CALLAHAN, E., "Surviving: skills or heart?", Bulletin of Primitive Technology, vol. 42, Utah, Society of Primitive Technology, pp. 85-86, 10/2011.


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