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Reproducing the Wall Painting of the Abduction of Persephone (Vergina-Macedonia): Conditions and Restrictions for a Successful Archaeological Experiment

Μ.Ι. Stefanakis,
Α. Vlavogilakis (GR)
Research on the technique of fresco painting in Macedonian tombs of the late classical period, is currently in progress through the experimental reproduction of the mural the Tomb of Persephone in the Grand Tumulus of Vergina. The purpose of the research is to identify the techniques used by ancient craftspeople, their tools, materials and ...

Did they really have such beautiful colours in the past (DK)?

Yes. From about the middle of the Danish Iron Age they began to colour their clothes in all sorts of colours. In the Early Iron Age, one had carefully sorted out the wool and made use of the natural colours of the yarn to create dice and striped patterns...

La pittura Etrusca

SANTELLA, L., "La pittura Etrusca", I Quaderni di Antiquitates, Civitella Cesi-Blera (VT), Antiquitates, Centro di Archeologia Sperimentale, pp. 16, 2005.


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