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The properties of leaded bronze alloys

"The properties of leaded bronze alloys", The Proceedings of the 22nd Symposium on Archaeometry, held at the University of Bradford U.K. 30.3.-3.4.1982, Bradford, pp. 262-272, 1983.

From the Object to the Mould: Is there a Connection between Microstructure of a Cast Bronze Object and its Mould Material Used?

Emanuela Jochum Zimmerman,
Nina Künzler Wagner and
Stefanie Osimitz (CH)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***The question studied within the framework of the Wilhelminaoord Workshop was: In which way the mould material does influence the cast structure of a bronze object? For this, casts in two different mould materials (clay and soapstone) were carried out. The 10% tin bronze was cast at about 1100°C into slightly preheated moulds.

Producing Silver Sheet According to Cellini

Martin Damsma (NL)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***During a short internship in The Hagues Municipal Museum, I noticed some blisters in a seventeenth century V.O.C.-dish. I thought they were gas bubbles which might have been introduced in the material during coagulation. When hammering to sheet the bubbles would take the shape of blisters which would turn visible during annealing.

Interview with Dr Rosemarie Leineweber

Volkmar Held (AT)
Dr Leineweber (1951) has an impressive track record in German experimental archaeology, reaching over two decades back. She worked with metals, cremation experiments and much more, with museum colleagues, university students and researchers and inspiring many people in how to experiment in a way which is not only fun, but brings progress...

Obituary: Kazimierz Bielenin

Szymon Orzechowski (PL)
On the 19th of November 2011, Prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Bielenin died in Kraków after a long and exhausting illness. He was a great scientist and scholar but also a very modest man with a great personality...

El tesoro de Monte Albán

CASO, A., "El tesoro de Monte Albán", Memorias del Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, pp. 23-82, 1969.


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