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Scandinavian Iron Age and Early Medieval Ceramic Moulds - Lost Wax or Not or Both?

Anders Söderberg (SE)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***Since the 1940s we have had a discussion in Scandinavia concerning ancient mould-making methods. The question of different methods in the production of ceramic moulds has taken a large part in these discussions; by lost wax or by direct matrix-methods.

Historical Techniques: Cold Gilding

Michiel Langeveld (NL)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***An historal technique of goldplating, described in 18th century literature, was reproduced. This cold-plating technique uses salts of gold, produced by dissolving gold in aqua regia. these salts are then rubbed onto a silver surfaces.

Mass Production in the Viking Age

FUGLESANG, S H., "Mass Production in the Viking Age", From Viking to Crusader: The Scandinavians and Europe 800-1200, Uddevalla, pp. 198-199, 1992.

Experimente zur antiken Guß und Löttechnik

SOBOTTKA-BRAUN, U., and F. WILLER, "Experimente zur antiken Guß und Löttechnik", Das Wrack. Der antike Schiffsfund von Mahdia, vol. Band 1, 1 and 2, no. Kataloge des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Bonn, Köln, Rheinland-Verlag GmbH, pp. 1017-1021, 1994.

The Experimental Reconstruction in Bronze of a Merovingian Treasure Box from Sixth Century A.D.

Frank Willer (DE)
1999 Wilhelminaoord Workshop
***Considerations about a lost ancient fabrication technique of bronze attachements from a merowingian treasure box pointed out that practical experiments had to be done to reconstruct the cast and coldwork. A self made oven and mould sould help to create a realistic situation of a merowingian workshop.


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