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The Stone Age in a Space Cruiser

Wulf Hein (DE)
The Jeongok Prehistory Museum in South Korea. Like a stranded UFO the building is settled between the hills at a river, the sun reflects off the metal outer skin. Standing in the entrance area, you feel as though you are in a film by Stanley Kubrick, but as you pass through into the structure it is a surprise to find yourself outside in the middle of the African savannah...

What is a megalithic tomb (hunebed)(NL)?

A megalithic tomb (in the Netherlands called 'hunebed') is a 'room' made of large boulders in which the dead were buried. The Dutch megalithic tombs were built between 3.400 - 3.200 BC by the people of the funnel beaker (TRB) culture.

How heavy are the stones of a megalithic tomb (NL)?

There are both large and small megalithic tombs in Drenthe (NL). The largest is near Borger. The most heavy stones used for this one weigh about 23,000 kilos!

How did people build megalithic tombs (NL)?

First, enough large stones needed to be collected. Presumably this happened in the neighbourhood where the megalithic tomb was planned. Researchers presume the stones were not moved...

Hunebedcentrum (NL)

Lying on the Hondsrug in Borger, in the North of the Netherlands, the Hunebedcentrum takes you back to prehistoric times and shows you the lives of the first farmers in Drenthe. They constructed impressive monumental tombs and the remains of 54 of them can still be seen...

Rebuilding Dutch Megalith burial tombs

EYSINK SMEETS, M., "Rebuilding Dutch Megalith burial tombs", euroREA. Journal for (Re)construction and Experiment in Archaeology, vol. 6/2009, Chlumec nad Cidlinou (CZ), EXARC, pp. 63-64, 2009.


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