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To Use or Not to Use a Minoan Chisel? Ancient Technology in a New Light

Maria Lowe Fri (SE)
7th UK EA Conference Cardiff 2013
***The Minoan chisel is thought to have been used by the metal worker, the stone mason, the sculptor, the carpenter, and the ivory and bone worker. However, barely any work has been conducted to substantiate the different workers and their chisels...

Experimental Lime Burning Based on the Findings from the Roman Empire Period

Richard Thér,
David Maršálek (CZ)

In 2006 the remains of two lime kilns from the Roman Empire period were discovered in Tuněchody near Chrudim in the Czech Republic. These finds became the object of a detailed multidisciplinary research project resulting in hypotheses on the use of the kilns. Based on these hypotheses experimental research was designed (Thér et al. 2010)...

Casting Metals in Limestone Moulds

CRADDOCK, P. T., I. C. FREESTONE, and C. D. DAWE, "Casting Metals in Limestone Moulds", Historical Metallurgy - The Journal of the Historical Metallurgy Society, vol. 31, issue 1, London, the Historical Metallurgy Society, pp. 1-7, 1997.
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