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Die Bleikessel von Pompeji – Ein Experiment zur Färbetechnik

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The properties of leaded bronze alloys

"The properties of leaded bronze alloys", The Proceedings of the 22nd Symposium on Archaeometry, held at the University of Bradford U.K. 30.3.-3.4.1982, Bradford, pp. 262-272, 1983.

The use of metal moulds to cast lead weights onto the wooden shaft of a plumbata

David Sim (UK)
Plumbata - Plural plumbatae. a projectile weapon used during the latter part of the Roman period – a fletched dart. They usually consisted of a barbed iron head with a lead weight fitted to a fletched wooden shaft. Plumbatae have been found on several sites in Britain and abroad and written evidence for their existence has been reported in the fourth century by Vegitius...

Experimental archaeometallurgy

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Medieval Lead Glazes

BURGHELEA, V., and M I. POPESCU, "Medieval Lead Glazes", Journal of Experimental Pyrotechnologies, vol. 2008, issue 1, Bucharest, National University Of Arts, pp. 62-70, 2008.


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