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Archaeological routes and paths in northeast Slovenia – new opportunities for tourism

Nataša Kolar (SI)
Archaeological parks, routes and paths in Slovenia are becoming new cultural-tourist products/attractions which, due to their content, enable visitors to “travel” back to the most remote periods of time. These products/attractions were first created in order to preserve the archaeological heritage and to make visitors aware of the rich cultural heritage which can be found at a specific place.

Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Zeiteninsel (DE)

The archaeological open-air museum Zeiteninsel ("island of times") will have five "time stations" which will provide insights into 11,000 years of the human and landscape history of the area. The museum is located in Hessen, Germany.

Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (DE)

It has been reconstructed as a Neolithic cultural landscape from ca. 3.000 BC. Lying close to megalithic tombs and grave mounds dating from the first farmers in Northern Germany, the site offers educational activities like flint knapping...


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