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Chisel Build-Along

FARNEMAN, P., "Chisel Build-Along ", Bulletin of Primitive Technology, vol. 47, Utah, Society of Primitive Technology, pp. 26-30, Spring 2014.

From the Soil to the Iron Product - the Technology of Medieval Iron Smelting

Adam Thiele (HU)
2013 EXARC meeting at Csiki Pihenökert (HU)
***Nowadays, the development of technology rushes past the people of the machine-based technical civilisation, therefore they fail to understand the technological wonders that surround them. One of these is the ancient technology of iron smelting...

Book Review: Journal Of of Archaeological And and Anthropological Sciences by L. Shillito, E. Fairnell and H. S. Williams (ed)

Katy Whitaker (UK)
A set of eleven articles resulting from the call for papers for the Sixth UK Experimental Archaeology Conference (held in York in January 2012) is now published in a special issue of the Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences...

Review of the 1st Bloomery Seminar, Starachowice 2013

A. Przychodni,
A. Wrona (PL)
The Bloomery Seminar, held on the 5 - 6 October 2013 at the Museum of Nature and Technology in Starachowice, was organised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Wacław Różański. During the event two experiments were conducted, one of which was fully traced and discussed with the smelters who carried out the process...

De geboorte van ijzer

WILLAERT, D., "De geboorte van ijzer", Legia Bulletin, vol. 4, Gent, Legia, pp. 16-19, 12/2009, 2008.

Rekonstruktion der Schwertklinge von Sutton Hoo

YPEY, J., "Rekonstruktion der Schwertklinge von Sutton Hoo", Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt, vol. 13, Mainz, Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, pp. 495-498, 1983.


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