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Einige Bemerkungen zu den Rennofenschlacken der Schlackengrubenöfen

BIELENIN, K., "Einige Bemerkungen zu den Rennofenschlacken der Schlackengrubenöfen", „und sie formten das Eisen“ Ur- und frühgeschichtliche und Mittelalterliche Eisengewinnung und –verarbeitung ÖGUF Symposion Linz-Freinberg 27-30.10.1998, vol. Archeologia Austriaca, no. 82-83, pp. 523-528, 1999.

Book Review: Accidental and Experimental Archaeometallurgy by D. Dungworth and R. Doonan (Eds)

Dave Budd (UK)
Spawned from an HMS (Historical Metallurgy Society) conference at West Dean College in 2010, this book is a unique compilation of papers written by both academics and craftsmen. Further articles not directly drawn from the conference have been included and cover non-ferrous experiments and an ethnographic study of blacksmithing...


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