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Grodzisko Żmijowiska – muzeum w krajobrazie

KACPRZAK, A., and P. LIS, "Grodzisko Żmijowiska – muzeum w krajobrazie ", Skanseny Archeologiczne i Archeologia Eksperymentalna, Krosno, Muzeum Podkarpackie w Krośnie, pp. 221-240, 2012.

From Mead to Snakebite - An Ethnography of Modern British University Sports Team Drinking Culture and its Parallels with the Drinking Rituals of the Viking World

Matt Austin (UK)
7th UK EA Conference Cardiff 2013
***The idea for this paper came, as these things often do, in a bar. The interesting twist was that instead of being an inebriated patron, I was actually working behind the bar observing the scenes of intoxicated students with a bemused expression. What began as a joke...


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