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Conference: International Archaeological Conference, Trzcinica 2011

Tomasz Leszczyński (PL)

The International Conference on archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology: An Opportunity for the Promotion of the Tourist Industry, sponsored financially by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, was held in the Carpathian Troy Open-Air Archaeological Museum in Trzcinica, Poland, on 9 – 10 June 2011...

¿Patrimonio o chatarra?: arqueología experimental y metal

COMENDADOR REY, B., and L. MÉNDEZ FERNÁNDEZ, "¿Patrimonio o chatarra?: arqueología experimental y metal", Arqueología experimental en la Península Ibérica: investigación, didáctica y patrimonio , Santander, Asociación Española de Arqueología Experimental, pp. 317-328, 2007.

Exploring Perthshire Past

TIMONEY, S., "Exploring Perthshire Past", euroREA. Journal for (Re)construction and Experiment in Archaeology, vol. 5/2008, Chlumec nad Cidlinou (CZ), EXARC, pp. 8, 2008.


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