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Fabricating Heritage

LOWENTHAL, D., "Fabricating Heritage", History and Memory, vol. 10, issue 1, Bloomington, IN, Indiana University Press, pp. 5-24, 1998.

After Authenticity at an American Heritage Site

HANDLER, R., and E. GABLE, "After Authenticity at an American Heritage Site", American Anthropologist, vol. 98, issue 3, Menasha, American Anthropological Association, pp. 568-578, 1993.

Crafting the Past: Theory and Practice of Museums

Katherine Ambry Linhein Muller (US)
How do we know something is real? We say something exists when it is tangible and we can touch it; it is factual when we can compare it to other known variables, and historic when it fulfils our expectation of the past. There are objects and activities that blur these categories and cause people to accept alternative histories...

Gene Fornby - The Ancient Village of Gene

Carl L. Thunberg (SE)
The open-air museum Gene Fornby (The Ancient Village of Gene - author’s translation) is an archaeological reconstruction completed in 1991 that is based on the excavation of a nearby ancient settlement dated mainly to the Roman Iron Age and the Migration Period. For many years now, the politicians of the City Council of Örnsköldsvik have been debating on the ‘use’ of Gene Fornby...


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