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How would a 12 year old entertain oneself in the Middle Ages (NL)?

Well, in those days, as soon as it would even be possible, children had to give a hand at home, for example with raising the even younger children. Many of those things would nowadays be called 'child labour', but that was how it was...

Did knights in the Middle Ages really need to be hoisted onto their horses (NL)?

At the beginning, a suit of armour was meant for battle and a knight who fell off his horse should be able to continue fighting. In the 14th and 15th century, one could move around in a suit of armour pretty well...

Did toys exist in prehistory? And if they did, from what materials (CZ)?

They surely existed but we are not able to recognize them as such in archaeological material. Miniature vessels, figures of people or animals, rattles and similar artefacts were often made but may have been used for religious and magical activities...

Did children have to work as well (CH)?

People in prehistory did not get very old, meaning one had to grow up much earlier. There was less time to remain a child than nowadays. Besides this, life was very hard...

What is the oldest board game in the world (NL)?

Board games are among the oldest games we know of in the world. In Egypt, boards for games were found, carved into roofs of a temple at Kurna, dating to 1,400 BC. The oldest game we know of was called Senet, found in the Tomb of Merknera, Egypt...

Did the prehistoric children play with glass marbles (NL)?

Yes and no. Marbles were used for playing as long as we know of. In Egypt and Pre Colombian America, marbles were used, made of fired clay. Children used whatever material came to hand: polished stones, nuts et cetera...

What did children in prehistory do (NL)?

There were no schools yet as nobody could read or write, so no time needed to be wasted on that. Instead, they had to help with jobs in and around the house like cooking, spinning wool and tending the cattle. Surely they had time for play as well. Excavations revealed for example small ceramic pots and animals. Maybe these were toys.

What games did Roman children play (NL)?

A wide variety of Roman games are known. These games vary from the simple throwing of nuts in a pot (Orca), to Roman rugby (Harpastum) and even chariot races with two hoops on a stick.

Presenting Medieval Gambling and Pub Life

Zsuzsanna Sőregi (HU)

There are many legendary games in the Middle Ages with professed losses of clothes, horses and, what is more, whole estates, and even halves of kingdoms. But was money really the most important part of gambling?...


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