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Die Gräberfunde von Valsgärde III. Valsgärde 7

ARWIDSSON, G., "Die Gräberfunde von Valsgärde III. Valsgärde 7", Acta Musei antiquitatum septentrionalium Regiæ Universitatis Upsaliensis, vol. 5, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, 1977.

Did you have find treasures in the megalithic tombs in Northwest Schleswig (DE)?

It is a question of what you understand as a „treasure“: There were no gold finds or something like this, but there were finds of stone and ceramics which are very important from a cultural historic perspective! They are treasures for archaeologists!

Where were Romans buried (NL)?

If at all, Romans were buried outside the city-gates, probably for hygienic purposes. Travellers on the main roads leading to the city were greeted by a long queue of tombstones. The inscription on Roman graves sometimes even welcomed visitors coming to the city.

What is a megalithic tomb (hunebed)(NL)?

A megalithic tomb (in the Netherlands called 'hunebed') is a 'room' made of large boulders in which the dead were buried. The Dutch megalithic tombs were built between 3.400 - 3.200 BC by the people of the funnel beaker (TRB) culture.

Were people in prehistory buried in some sort of covering, something like coffin or a bag (CZ)?

That depends on time and region. In Bronze Age Czechia there is evidence of wooden coffins either from planks or dug out from tree trunks. Timbered burial chambers...


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