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Reconstructing a Prehistoric Fish Trap

E. IJsveld (NL)
OpenArch Dialogue with Skills Issue
***Fish traps, still in use all over the world today for catching fish and crustaceans, have been used by mankind at least since the Mesolithic period. Their shape at that time is quite well-established, suggesting that they may have originated even earlier. This type of fish trap is made up of two elements...

Ósvör Sjóminjasafn (IS)

Ósvör is the largest and the oldest fishing base in Ísafjardardjup. Here, just outside of Bolungarvík you will find a (re)construction of an old fishing outpost, a double 19th century fishing base with a salt hut, fish drying area and drying hut.

Living Settlement (GL)

The Living Settlement (Nunaqarfik Uumassusilik or Levende Boplads) is a living project where visitors can experience the daily life of the last phase Thule Culture. The Project has a large potential in keeping the cultural heritage and interpreting and counts as well as a tourist attraction for the town.


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